terri's shelf is a searchable online database of books about people of color.

Books will be submitted by users and tagged based on subject, theme, and type (e.g. fiction, nonfiction, african-american, protagonist of color, family, etc.)

Target users are K-12 students of color, parents of children of color, educators, authors, and publishers.

The site will feature a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that is accessible on a wide range of devices.



As children's author Christopher Myers once put it, books about people of color provide:

the much-written-about sense of self-love that comes from recognizing oneself in a text, from the understanding that your life and lives of people like you are worthy of being told, thought about, discussed and even celebrated. Academics and educators talk about self-esteem and self-worth when they think of books in this way, as mirrors that affirm readers’ own identities.

Unfortunately, there are relatively few books published about people of color, and scant resources devoted to curating and cataloging those books that are available. The most extensive and frequently updated compilations are often crowdsourced lists (which, though valuable, aren’t always easy to find or navigate, and are not accessible to people from a wide range of reading and computer literacy levels.)

Terri’s Shelf will provide an accessible platform for users of all ages to discover and submit books about people of color.


Site Details

terri’s shelf will be built as a responsive mobile site to accommodate users accessing the site from any device (from a basic smartphone to a desktop computer). The site will be centered around three actions: search, submit, and browse (by tag).


The homepage will feature a large search box where users are directed to search for books in terri's shelf by title, author, or subject/keyword. Search results are in list form with each book's cover image and associated tags. Clicking on a book takes the user to an individual book page which will also contain a short description of the book and direct links to find the book in a local library (via World Cat) or on Amazon.


Users can submit a book by entering the title, author, or ISBN number. Book information is pulled from Open Library and presented in list form. Once the user selects a book, she will choose associated tags from a list of criteria and then submit the book to terri's shelf.


The homepage will feature a tag cloud of the most popular tags (and a link to view the full list of tags). When the user clicks on a tag, it leads to a tag results page, which will appear similar to the search results page.

Click here for wireframes of the website.